About Thee van Sander

In 2008, after drinking tea bags only, I was introduced with loose tea, an Osmanthus Oolong. I was hooked, went to China to be introduced with a supplier where I since went 7 times. The Way of Tea for me is finding the gems inside all the samples I try, but also the gems in suppliers. They are the biggest experts and since the end of 2021 I try to tell the stories of the suppliers I have contact with, instead of me trying to present myself as the expert. 'Everybody a Tea Expert' is my slogan because besides the suppliers the biggest experts are the people who drink tea! You :) You know exactly what you like, what you expect from a tea, how to brew it and what effect it has on your mood. No matter what tea you like or what vessel you use, every tea drinker is an expert in his/her own way. I hope to give access to good tea to help you in your Way of Tea. Sander Kriek Thee van Sander
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