Tie Guan Yin orange
Tie Guan Yin orange

Tie Guan Yin orange

Thee van Sander

A citrus-filled Tie Guan Yin. The Tie Guan Yin comes from Fujian, is medium oxidized, long roasted and slightly aged (2011 vintage). It is a warming tea which is a pleasant combination with the light citrus flavor of the peel. You use a small piece of this when brewing.

Provenance small orange Xinhui
Source small orange Xinhui

If in China tea is flavored or given an external flavor at all, it is done with real products and in an artisanal way. So too with this Tie Guan Yin which is ripened in a small orange.

The original name of the ripened peel of this fruit is 'Chenpi' and is a type of tangerine. They are grown in Xinhui, Guangdon Province. There are many imitations with similar fruits but those from Xinhui are highly regarded.

The peel of the tangerine as I will call it from now on has medicinal value in China. The peel warms, is good for the respiratory tract (cough) and aids in digestion. Since aged tea is also often considered medicinal in China, this combination with tangerine makes sense. Sometimes small tangerines are also given as gifts in China because the word in Chinese has the same sound as "luck."


The making

First, a cap is cut off the tangerine and stored. The flesh is now removed. The hollow tangerine is filled with tea (which is already ready). They are now dried together. They are also shaped so that they actually look like the segments of a tangerine or orange. This is easy to see in the finished product. The combination also undergoes ripening and in this process they become dark in color.

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