Tasting Pack Tie Guan Yin
Tasting Pack Tie Guan Yin
Tasting Pack Tie Guan Yin
Tasting Pack Tie Guan Yin

Tasting Pack Tie Guan Yin

Thee van Sander

Tie Guan Yin is a beautiful oolong from Fujian province, China. The tea is made from 4 to 5 leaves, oxidized and roasted.

There are, however, many variations possible in the making process resulting in a variety of taste and aroma. Immerse yourself in the world of Tie Guan Yin!

Content tasting pack:

6 bags containing 7 grams of the following Tie Guan Yin:

Tie Guan Yin high grade
The cultivar from which this Tie Guan Yin is made is also named ´Tie Guan Yin´. This Tie Guan Yin is slightly oxidized and slightly toasted.

Tie Guan Yin Ben Shan
Ben Shan is another cultivar that is sporadically used to make Tie Guan Yin from. Ben Shan is known for its good fragrance and the Tie Guan Yin cultivar for its good taste.

Tie Guan Yin roasted charcoal
This Tie Guan Yin is roasted by putting the tea in baskets containing a cloth and placing it on charcoal. This gives the tea a nice roasted edge and dark tones.

Tie Guan Yin roasted electric
A Tie Guan Yin roasted in an electric oven. This makes the tea very different from the charcoal roasted vesie, has less of the charcoal notes but is very creamy and full-bodied.

Tie Guan Yin aged 2007
Tie Guan Yin is very suitable for aging in stone pots. This gives the Tie Guan Yin a beautiful character, and in China, aged tea is considered valuable for health.

Tie Guan Yin Twig
Tie Guan Yin Twig is specially made for Sander's Tea. It is actually a complete Tie Guan Yin as it was made decades ago. Used is the Jin Guan Yin (Golden Goddess), a Tie Guan Yin cultivar grafted onto the roots of a Huang Jin Gui cultivar. Its purpose is to combine the flavor of Tie Guan Yin with the fragrance of Huang Jin Gui.


Setting Method:

Use 1/3 of a bag per brew. The tea can be poured at least twice and tastes best when brewed with low mineral water. This is because of the reaction that substances in the leaf have with minerals in the water. Suitable water is for example Spa blue, Mont Calm, Mont Roucoux, reverse osmosis or water from the Zero water filter.

Prepare the tea utensils and use as hot water as possible. Drawing time is about two minutes but depends on the amount of water.

General information Tie Guan Yin

Tie Guan Yin oolong is made in the south of Fujian province. In the spring and fall, the tea plant forms new shoots, and in the case of Tie Guan Yin, it waits until the shoots have become substantial leaves. Tops and small leaves are too fragile for the making process of Tie Guan Yin.

After harvesting, the leaves are wilted and damaged in a kind of drum to start the oxidation process. The level of oxidation is determined by the tea master.

After oxidation, the tea is rolled and roasted and this is repeated a few times. After this, the tea is dried, either electrically or on charcoal. Finally, the twigs are removed from the tea. Light Tie Guan Yin is preferably kept in the freezer by the seller.

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