Shui Xian is an interesting tea from the Wuyi Mountains where Da Hong Pao also comes from, but made from a different cultivar. The tea has somewhat different flavor notes and is delicious in aroma, taste and aftertaste.

Much attention is paid at the plantation to managing the tea plantation naturally. For example, no pesticides are used but spiders are used to ward off insects.

  • harvested in May
  • grows at 700 meters altitude
  • natural farming
  • pick: one bud and 3 leaves
  • made from the Shui Xian and Ai Jiao Oolong (Dwarf Oolong) cultivar

Shui Xian, like Da Hong Pao, is long-oxidized and dried over charcoal several times. It is a wonderfully warming tea and perfect when it is cold outside. It is a "rock tea" by which is meant that the plants grow on and among the mineral-rich mountains of the Wuyi Mountains (Fujian).

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