Package 2: 20 most famous teas (10 varieties)
Package 2: 20 most famous teas (10 varieties)

Package 2: 20 most famous teas (10 varieties)

Tea in Motion


Would you also like to learn to recognize the 20 most famous teas in the world?

You can easily do that by practicing with the teas from 2 compiled packages.

Inpackage 1 you will find mainly the oolongs and green teas to compare

In package 2 you will find the black teas and Post fermented teas

In this package you will find the following teas:

  1. 124 China Bai Hao Yin Zhen Bio
  2. 335 China Wuyuan Jasmin Bio
  3. 602 China Keemun Hong Cha Hao Ya Bio
  4. 608.1 China Jin Jun Mei Traditional
  5. 609 China Yunnan Gold Bio
  6. 632 India Darjeeling Soom FTGFOP1 First Flush Bio
  7. 635 India Assam Ananda Second Flush TGFOP1 Bio
  8. 641 Ceylon Uva Badulla
  9. 702 China Mannong Pu Er Bio
  10. 724 China Pu Er Maocha Bio

Hey good luck tasting!

Tip: 20 teas can overwhelm you and it seems like a lot. What helped me a lot is to first taste 1 tea at a quiet moment and (using the aroma wheel) write down what first comes to mind. A smell, taste, memory...

In this way you create coat hooks for yourself and it becomes easier to recognize the tea. By tasting with others, you often recognize flavors and scents that they name and you add those to your list.

Look closely at the color of tea, and you'll already cross a lot of varieties off your list if you have to name them!

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