327 Melonseed, Liu An Gua Pian
327 Melonseed, Liu An Gua Pian
320 Lu An Gua Pian 'Melonseed'
320 Lu An Gua Pian 'Melonseed'
320 Lu An Gua Pian 'Melonseed'
320 Lu An Gua Pian 'Melonseed'

320 Lu An Gua Pian 'Melonseed'

Tea in Motion

Pretty small Chinese tea leaves with a full sweet fragrance!

Excellent for the tea drinker looking for a unique green tea with more character. This tea rightly belongs in China's best tea top 10

This tea is different from the other Chinese teas. It does not include buds, only the 2 second leaves. Therefore, the picking process is time-consuming, as it can only be picked when the bud unfolds as a leaf.

Lu An Gua Pian is rich, full-flavored and has a more pronounced green tea character. The leaves are a bit riper and rolling gives them a characteristic shape like melon seeds. The nickname of this tea is therefore Melonseed. They also look a bit plumper because there are no buds in them.

These leaves are stirred 3x over charcoal, briefly, with the fire being really hot. The tea is reminiscent of a gentle smokiness, spicy and grassy green

  • Origin: China, Anhui
  • Region: Lu'An City, Qiyun Mountain, Qiyun tea garden
  • High: Above 500meter
  • Cultivar: Qiu Keng (Lu An small leaf species)
  • Harvest period: April 20, 2022
  • Infusion: Light yellow green, clear
  • Roma: Strong, mildly sweet, warm fruity, floral, slightly toasty, spicy
  • Flavor: Powerful, soft fresh, slightly spicy, almost spicy, complex
  • Body: Full
  • Grade: High End
  • Caffeine-containing: Yes
  • Organic: No

Recipe: 12 grams | 1 liter of soft water | 80℃ | 2 minutes

Gaiwan or Yixing pot: 3 grams | 110 ml of soft water | 80-85℃ | wash (5sec), 30sec, 50sec, 80sec, 120sec

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