1544 Gaiwan 120ml 3 piece 'Lotus'
1544 Gaiwan 120ml 3 piece 'Lotus'
1544 Gaiwan 120ml 3 piece 'Lotus'

1980 Gaiwan 120ml 3 piece 'Lotus'

Tea in Motion

Do you also like to control what your tea is doing without heat loss?

The beautiful decoration on the Gaiwan will make your tea experience complete

With this porcelain Gaiwan, you can clearly see what is happening to the leaves and you can determine the right time to pour the tea! You are in control of the taste of the tea!

This Gaiwan consists of 3 parts and you can use it anywhere.

  • One cup
  • One lid
  • One saucer

You pour the tea by placing the lid on the cup at an angle so that the tea leaves do not escape when pouring.

With the Gaiwan, you don't need any other attributes to make tea quickly.

Porcelain Gaiwan, dishwasher safe. Measures 8cm high, diameter 11cm

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