126 China Ya Bao
126 China Ya Bao
126 China Ya Bao
126 China Ya Bao
126 China Ya Bao

126 China Ya Bao

Tea in Motion

This tea looks special and does not consist of young tea leaves but the first buds that emerge first in winter and early spring. Therefore, this tea can only be picked once a year

Young buds of the wild tea trees are picked before the young leaves start to develop. In some buds you can already find a young leaf. This would normally eradicate into a new branch or leaf. These buds are quite hard so they are well protected from the cold and animals before they open.

These buds should be picked respectfully and sparingly to prevent the tea tree from suffering and not producing new branches.

This tea is also called Pu Er because it is made from the variety that Pu Er is also made from. This tea only undergoes a drying process and not a fermentation process like Pu Er

Cinese saying about white tea:

一年茶、三年药、七年宝 - First Year it's Tea, In the third year it's medicine, after seven years it's treasure!

In Chinese medicine, white tea is said to help cool your body and stimulate circulation, this tea can be kept for years

  • Origin: China
  • Region: South West Yunnan
  • Harvest period: February-March
  • High: 1500m
  • Cultivar: Assamica Dehongsis
  • Infusion: Clear and very light yellow
  • Flavor: Smooth and fruity (guava, pineapple), salmiac
  • Caffeine-containing: Yes
  • Biodegradable: No

Recipe: 5 grams | 120ml soft water | 90-100℃ | 30 sec- 1 min

Western: 6 grams | 500ml soft water | 90-100℃ | 2-3 minutes

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