330 China An Ji Bai Cha
330 China An Ji Bai Cha
330 China An Ji Bai Cha
330 China An Ji Bai Cha
330 China An Ji Bai Cha
330 China An Ji Bai Cha

330 China An Ji Bai Cha

Tea in Motion

Pretty green tea with a white tea name!

This tea resembles white tea and the name suggests the same (Bai Cha = white tea). This tea is produced as a green tea. The picking season is short, about 30 days can be harvested in early spring. Once the temperature rises, the leaves turn and brighter green color. The tea's name refers to its very light green long leaves.

The plant produces little chlorophyll (chlorophyll) and polyphenols (a series of natural chemicals that provide astringent in tea in particular) which makes the tea gray/light green in color. In addition, it is very rich in amino acids (provide transport of nutrients in our body)

This tea is also called Yu Feng, White Jade Phoenix tea. The taste is mild, refreshingly smooth with a rich umami flavor and a hint of the sweet fragrance of orchid in its aroma.

The tea farmer, Mr. Xiao comes from a tea families was born in the middle of tea gardens. From an early age, he was interested in tea and was trained by his father. After graduation, Mr. Xiao went back to tea factory to follow in his father's footsteps. His motto: "My father taught me how to make tea, and stressed that we must always make tea with our heart and great efforts."

You don't just make tea, you sit down and pay attention to it. By doing so, you also learn to enjoy this valuable beautiful product!

  • Origin: China
  • Region: Changxing County, Zhejiang, Xishan Tea Garden
  • Height: 500-800m
  • Harvest period: April 2, 2022, for Qing Min
  • Cultivar: Bai Ye no1
  • Infusion: Soft yellow-green
  • Flavor: Bright, umami, mild and delicate and sweet
  • Body: Full
  • Caffeinated: Yes
  • Organic: No

Recipe:12 grams (4 scoops) | 1 liter of soft water | 80℃ | 2 minutes

This tea comes out beautifully in a Gaiwan: 5 grams, 100ml of soft water, first infusion 45 sec., second infusion 1 min. third 45 sec, fourth 1.5 min

Can be poured more often.

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