Li Shan high mountain oolong
Li Shan high mountain oolong

Li Shan high mountain oolong

Thee van Sander

A delicious high mountain oolong (2,000 meters) originating from 'Pear Mountain' or Li Shan. This tea is made by a family who are one of the few doing 'natural farming' in this area. There is only a small harvest.

The Li Shan oolong is known for its fruity character. The leaf is short-oxidized and also short-roasted (the Lin Xi high mountain oolong is also short-roasted but roasted a little longer).

The area is beautiful, is misty and has varying temperatures at night and during the day. The cultivar is the slow-growing Ching Xin which is therefore infrequent to harvest but produces the tastiest tea.

  • Taiwan, Mount Lishan, Cui Fong region, Taichung county
  • Ching Xin cultivar
  • 2.000 meters growing altitude
  • Natural farming
  • 15-20% oxidation
  • winter and spring harvest (this is where the better quality is made)
  • Hand-picked
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