A delicious black tea, normally part of the English Breakfast blend. A very famous black tea in China with a long history. Delicious as a hearty but not bitter breakfast tea with lots of aroma and a fine taste.

Keemun black tea is made from fine leaves and has been produced since late 19th century, 1875. Keemun comes from the Qímen area, Anhui province. Actually, that is a province where mostly green tea comes from. This tea originated when a tea maker from that province went to neighboring Fujian province to see how they made black tea there.

The tea has become very famous mainly due to its popularity in England. Today, it is a main ingredient of "English Breakfast" tea. The tea is known to have a balance of fruity notes and a roast taste. Also the firm taste but with little bitterness is a characteristic of this tea which is because the wilting and oxidizing of the leaf is slower than other teas.

  • Sourced: Qimen county, Anhui
  • Made from the same variety as the green tea Maofeng
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