Formosa oolong 2005
Formosa oolong 2005

Formosa oolong 2005

Thee van Sander

This tea from Taiwan is aged in earthen ware pots. It is re-roasted over charcoal every few years to keep the moisture content low.

In the taste and aroma of the first cup of brewed tea, the charcoal is very apparent. In the brewings thereafter, the color of the tea remains bright and the taste becomes warm and sweet. In the aftertaste there is also the charcoal but it disappears more and more to the background. The flavor lingers well. It is a tea that is firmly rolled and gives off a lot of flavor.

  • Taiwan
  • a mixture of varieties
  • 400-600 growing height
  • Natural farming

An oolong is "matured" after about 3 years or so. After 6 to 8 years the tea is good and even after that the flavor will continue to develop.

The leaf used for this tea is 20-30% oxidized. Then the leaf is roasted until it has a moisture content that allows the tea to continue oxidizing very slowly. For this purpose, earthenware or stone pots are also used to store tea. Thus, the tea is not sealed airtight. After a year or 2, the tea is examined and it is determined whether the leaf is roasted again to keep the moisture content low and preserve the flavor.

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