Dong Ding traditional
Dong Ding traditional
Dong Ding traditional
Dong Ding traditional

Dong Ding traditional

Thee van Sander

Also known as ‘Hong Shui’. A very interesting tea. The tea we now know as Dong Ding used to be oxidized and roasted longer than what is mostly done today. It takes a lot of skill and also time to make this Hong Shui and many younger tea makers prefer the simpler Dong Ding.

A tea with a special smell and taste, not really explainable but it's like a combination of roast, sweetness, orange and fire.

  • Taiwan, Nantou County
  • Ching Xin cultivar
  • 600 meters growing height
  • Natural farming
  • 40-50% oxidation and a heavy roast
  • end of April/beginning of May picked

The origin of this Dong Ding traditional (Hong Shui) is the same as the regular Dong Ding.

Originally, the Ching Xin cultivar is said to have come from the Wuyi Mountains in China. A small number of plants were planted on the Dong Ding mountain range in Nantou County in central Taiwan. This turned out to be an excellent place to grow tea.

Today, Dong Ding is made in several places and its distinguishing feature is the slightly longer oxidation and especially a longer roasting time and this Dong Ding traditional is oxidized and roasted even longer.

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