686 Georgia Wild OP
686 Georgia Wild OP
686 Georgia Wild OP
686 Georgia Wild OP

686 Georgia Wild OP

Tea in Motion

The tea comes from a tea garden 5 kilometers from the main road from Ozurgeti to Tbilisi, in Shemokmedi in Guria

The base of the tea comes from Chinese tea plants, probably an oolong variety from Guangdong. By the 1930s, Russia accumulated all agricultural land and farmers had to settle for collective farms.

Tea production grew and by the 1980s Georgia was one of the 3 largest tea exporters in the world. Soviet tea production focused on production, not flavor, and hybrids were developed to increase yields. Tea was a state business. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Georgia went with it. Tea plantations were largely forgotten.

Some families fortunately managed to preserve their holdings, and now tea plantations are slowly being reinstated.

This tea comes from tea bushes that are still growing wild, leaving other vegetation among them. The long leaf texture turns a beautiful matte black when processed.

  • Origin: West Georgia
  • Region: Ozurgeti, Semokmedi
  • Height: 300-500m
  • Harvest period: Spring
  • Cultivar: Sinensis, sinensis (hybrid)
  • Infusion: Golden
  • Flavor: Dried flowers, berries
  • Flavor: Smooth, slightly sweet, honey, dark chocolate, spicy
  • Caffeinated: Yes
  • Organic: No, grows in an environmentally friendly environment and is produced without pesticides and herbicides

Recipe: 6 grams | 500ml soft water | 95℃ | 3 minutes

Gaiwan: 5 grams | 110ml | 95℃ | wash, 20 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec

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