641 Ceylon Uva Badulla
641 Ceylon Uva Badulla
641 Ceylon Uva Badulla
641 Ceylon Uva Badulla
641 Ceylon Uva Badulla

641 Ceylon Uva Badulla

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Ceylon Uva..

The Uva province is a sparsely populated province with a population of about 1 million. The province lies at the foot of the Namunukula Mountains. It is one of the coldest areas of Uva. This province is accessible only by mountain roads. The railroad connecting Colombo to Uva was not completed until 1924.

The town of Badulla lies at an altitude of about 680 meters, surrounded by tea plantations, all of which are higher in the bears. on the southeastern slopes of the mountains. The tea comes from several smaller tea gardens in this region. Because of the climate, the tea here can often be picked year-round because the region lies right between the northeast and southwest monsoons. July to September is designated the season of best quality. The tea has an unmistakable character, beautiful aroma and mild flavor

  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Region: Uva, Badulla
  • High: Medium High: 900 to 1200m
  • Harvest period: July, August
  • Gradation: Premium Grade
  • Cultivar: Probably TRI 2025
  • Scent: Floral (rose), stone fruit
  • Flavor: Malty, smooth
  • Body: Full
  • Infusion: Golden, copper red
  • Caffeinated: Yes
  • Organically sourced: No
  • Desirable with: Scones with apricot jam and clotthed cream

Recipe: 13 grams (6 scoops) | 1 liter of soft water | 95℃ | 2-3 minutes

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