608.2 China Wild Jin Jun Mei
608.2 China Wild Jin Jun Mei
608.2 China Wild Jin Jun Mei
608.2 China Wild Jin Jun Mei

608.2 China Wild Jin Jun Mei

Tea in Motion

Tea from the Wuyi Mountains!

This first offshoot (bud or tip) is made from the tea tree from which the Lapsang Souchong (characterized by the picking of the second leaf under the bud) is normally made. This was started as an experiment a few years ago and has worked out so well that it is now produced every year!

Jin jun Mei is a famous black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province in eastern China. It shows how a tea master can transform traditional tea with high-quality leaves into an elegant, full-flavored finished tea. The tea leaves are slender, with a slight twist. This large leaf, picked only buds, is perfect for a delicious black tea. The careful wilting, hand-rolling, and roasting over charcoal, of this leaf brings out the delicious flavors that characterize the mountains of eastern China.

Because only the buds (offshoots of the tea bush) are picked, as many as 7,000 buds are needed for 500 grams of tea! An experienced tea picker can pick about 2,000 buds per day. To make 500 grams of this tea, it takes 3-4 pickers all day to get this together. This is one reason why bud tea is more expensive than other teas. The aroma and taste of tea from the eastern provinces of China are unique, different, and especially famous for this historic tea region of China.

The environment of the protected mountain slopes of the Wuyi Mountains gives the deep of flavor in its dark oolongs and black teas that we love so much. This rich-flavored black tea can easily be poured more than once.

This tea is very good to use in a Gaiwan, staying delicious for up to 10 infusions!

  • Region: China
  • Region: Wuyi Mountains, Fujian, Wuyishan city, Tong Mu Guan
  • High altitude: 1500-1800m
  • Harvest period: 06-04-2022
  • Cultivar: Tanyang Cai cha (about 60-year-old trees)
  • Gradation: High End
  • Color: Honey gold
  • Flavor: Raisins, orchid
  • Flavor: Soft, sweet, honey, milk, slightly mineral, caramel, melon
  • Caffeinated: Yes
  • Organic: No, picked in an area that does not require soil conditioners and pesticides


Gaiwan: 5-6 grams (4 scoops) | 120ml soft water | 80-95℃ | 30 sec-1min

Western: 12 grams | 1 liter soft water | 80-95℃ | 2 minutes

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