409 Taiwan Dong Ding Basic
409 Taiwan Dong Ding Basic
409 Taiwan Dong Ding Basic
409 Taiwan Dong Ding Basic

409 Taiwan Dong Ding Basic

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A nice fragrance and a mildly sweet taste

Dong Ding, is also called Tung Ting, frozen mountain peak.

The region where Dong Ding oolong grows has an average temperature of around 22 degrees. It rains a lot and there is and high humidity and the region is almost always shrouded in mist. In the morning, the full sun shines on the tea fields that line the steep mountain sides. The altitude, forests and soil provide good conditions for the tea plant. The beautiful taste is therefore reflected in your cup of tea!

This basic oolong grows quite low, around 400-600 meters. It is lightly oxidized and lightly toasted, so the floral flavor predominates

  • Origin: Taiwan, Nantou Region
  • Region: Dong Ding Mountain
  • Height: around 400 meters
  • Harvest period: Spring
  • Cultivar: Qing Xin (Chin Chin)
  • Gradation: Basic
  • Infusion: Yellow/Green
  • Flavor: Fresh, floral, mild
  • Caffeine-containing: Yes
  • Organic: No

Western: 12 grams (6 measuring spoons) | 1 liter of soft water | 98-100℃ | 2-3 minutes

Gaiwan or Yixing pot: 7 grams | 98-100℃ | 5 sec wash, 25sec, 35sec, 45sec, 55sec, 65sec, 75sec, 85sec

Coldbrew: 8 grams in a liter of tap water 8 hours steep

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