408 China Wuyuan Rou Gui
408 China Wuyuan Rou Gui
408 China Wuyuan Rou Gui
408 China Wuyuan Rou Gui
408 China Wuyuan Rou Gui

408 China Wuyuan Rou Gui

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Wuyi Rock Tea

In the famous Wuyuan Mountains, Cindy Chen, with her husband Zhou Shi Wu and 2 children, lives with her family among this beautiful top tea region. This region is best known for Da Hong Pao.

Rou Gui is picked and produced on the family's tea plantation at an altitude of 300-500 meters. The tea fields are scattered in the Wuyishan region where the earth is infused with minerals from the mountains. The unique composition of the soil gives Wuyi tea its distinctive flavor.

The tea is traditionally processed to meet high standards. White tea is picked in the spring and processed to let the beautiful strong young buds dry only by the sun on bamboo baskets. Oolong tea is processed step by step to arrive at a beautiful roasted product where you, the tea buyer, can determine the finish in roasting.

This tea is roasted 3 times. This is done approximately every 3 months, which means that this tea will not come on the market until the end of the year and will only be ready then. This tea also does not deteriorate with storage, does change in flavor

Rou Gui is popular for its beautiful soft sweet flavors of dried ripe stone fruit, flowers, cinnamon and chocolate with a long aftertaste

Rou Gui is translated: Cinnamon, cinnamon

Long, slender, elegant leaf, aromatic, many layers, minerals

  • Place:Wuyishan Rock tea village
  • Picking time: May, hand picked
  • Altitudes: 300-500 meters
  • Soil: zhenyan, or rocky soils
  • Processing: 3x roasted (Dark roast is 4x roasted)
  • Gradation: Highest gradation Rock tea
  • Plantation: 13 hectares
  • Age of planting: from a few years to over 100 years
  • Organic: not certified, but strictly protected area, no pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers

Infusion method with hot water in a Gaiwan or small Yixing teapot: 5 grams. First infusion 20 seconds, then each infusion 5 seconds longer.

Western method of brewing: 100 degrees, 12 grams to 1 liter 1-2 minutes infusion time

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