360 Japan Matcha Yame No Hana
360 Japan Matcha Yame No Hana
360 Japan Matcha Yame No Hana

360 Japan Matcha Yame No Hana

Tea in Motion

A Matcha at last with the perfect quality-price balance!

This Matcha is suitable to drink as usucha, thin matcha

This Matcha is a gem from Yame. The tea from this region is known for its fresh spiciness and rich flavor with a subtle astringency. This beautiful Matcha is round, full and rich in flavor. This is due to the location where this tea grows, there is a unique difference in temperature between morning and night which creates the beautiful flavor

The Hoshino Seichaen tea region was established in 1946 with the association of tea farmers and the use of a communal factory in Hoshino. In 2010, the mountain village in Fukuoka was acquired and is now called Yame.

This Matcha is suitable for beginners but certainly for the matcha drinker who enjoys it every day. The balance of quality with price is exceptional

  • Origin: Japan, Hoshino Seichaen
  • Region: Hoshino, Yame, Fukuoka, Kyushu the southernmost island
  • Harvest period: Spring, April, early May
  • Infusion: Fresh green
  • Flavor: Bright, fresh, fruity, complex, umami rich
  • Caffeine-containing: Yes
  • Organic: No

Recipe: This tea is too flavorful to make in a liter pitcher, use a Matcha bowl

Use 1 or 2 Matcha spoons to about 70ml of water between 70℃ and 100℃

Can contents: 20 grams

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