356 Japan Yame Sencha Oku Yutaka
356 Japan Yame Sencha Oku Yutaka
356 Japan Yame Sencha Oku Yutaka
356 Japan Yame Sencha Oku Yutaka
356 Japan Yame Sencha Oku Yutaka

356 Japan Yame Sencha Oku Yutaka

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Sencha with enchanting aromas and complex flavor!

Okuyutaka translates to: Oku (deep) Yutaka (rich, abundant)

This Sencha is made from the cultivar: Oku-yutaka. It is bred to be harvested mid to late for Gyokuro and Sencha, 6 days later than the Yabukita. It gives a good yield and as Sencha it gives an intense, umami-rich flavor. It can withstand cold and snow well. The young buds, on the other hand, tend to harden quickly and must be harvested at the right time, making it not a cultivar used for big industry

The tea culture in the Yame region dates back to the 13th century. Hoshino is located between the Minou and Kumado mountains. This creates a perfect climate for tea. Due to the high mountains, lots of fog and large temperature differences between day and night, fertile soil and mountain water, the tea is of high quality. The tea can only grow slowly in these conditions, increasing aromas and flavors in the tea. Yame tea is known for its sweet, full umami rich quality

This cultivar was subjected to many tests after 1967 to be officially registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1983

  • Origin: Japan, Yame Hoshino
  • Region: Kyushu, the southernmost island of Japan
  • High 1080m
  • Cultivar: Oku Yutaka
  • Harvest period: Spring, May 2023
  • Scent: Milky, coconut, sweet, fresh, tomato, fruity, hint of menthol
  • Infusion: Fresh green, yellow
  • Flavor: Intense, fresh, full (almost syrupy) and umami rich
  • Caffeine-containing: Yes
  • Organic: No


This tea is too flavorful to make in a liter jug, use a small pot or the traditional Kyusu

5-7 grams (3 scoops) 200ml, 60-80 degrees, 1st infusion 45 sec, 2nd infusion 30 sec, 3rd infusion 1min.

also very nice as a coldbrew


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