202 China Yellow Dragon Bio
202 China Yellow Dragon Bio
202 China Yellow Dragon Bio
202 China Yellow Dragon Bio
202 China Yellow Dragon Bio

202 China Yellow Dragon Bio

Tea in Motion

This high quality Yellow Dragon is one of the well-known yellow teas in China.

The young leaves are picked on the hillsides in the Dhongzai region in Yunnan. Yellow tea is processed like green tea with an extra step: drying is stopped before the tea is dry. This creates another slight oxidation process, in which the tea sweats and gains extra mildness through a chemical process which is stopped by further drying the tea at a high temperature

This Yellow Dragon has a green brown leaf

The second generation of the Dong family has been growing and marketing the tea from this organic tea garden since 1990.

Opa Dong earned his income in forestry. His interest in nature and his desire to provide his family with healthy products made him start growing tea without the use of chemicals.

The tea gardens in Dongzhai have a social responsibility. The poor, small tea farmers from several other regions were given the opportunity by the government to move here. About 400 families have found work in Donghzai. There is education for children and care for the youngest children.

After school, there are opportunities for sports (football, basketball, badminton)

The farmers all have their own piece of land on the condition that they do not use chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. By offering the farmers these social benefits, Mr. Dong hopes for commitment from the farmers over a long term

  • Origin: China, Yunnan (Pu'er), Simao, Zhengwan
  • Region: Dongzhai, Dong family (Dai ethnicity)
  • Harvest period: Spring
  • High: 1500m
  • Infusion: Yellow green
  • Flavor: Cocoa notes, spicy, ripe yellow fruit
  • Caffeine-containing: Yes
  • Organic: Yes

Recipe: 11 grams (6 scoops) | 1 liter of soft water | 70-90℃ | 2 minutes

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