1600.2 Mini Chasen (bamboo beater)
1600.2 Mini Chasen (bamboo beater)
1600.2 Mini Chasen (bamboo beater)

1601 Mini Chasen (bamboo beater)

Tea in Motion

Mini Chasen

With this mini Chasen, you can make a tasty cup of Matcha anywhere, with any cup (water and matcha)!

Take it with you on hikes, adventures and vacations!

Wash the Chasen with a little warm water before each use to make the bamboo tips a little more flexible for whisking. Over time, the curved tips relax and become straighter. This is normal.

Rinse the Chasen immediately after use with lukewarm water and remove matcha residue with your fingers. Shake it off and let the Chasen air dry. Do not leave it in water.

The Chasen is an article of use and will wear out over time, even if you treat it nicely. Replace it when the dots break off

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