1543 Gaiwan 'snow glass' of frosted glass
1543 Gaiwan 'snow glass' of frosted glass
1543 Gaiwan 'snow glass' of frosted glass

1976 Gaiwan 'snow glass' of frosted glass

Tea in Motion

Glass with gold. Pure simplicity but enchantingly beautiful

Beautiful Gaiwan that makes pouring tea easy with its pouring spout. This gaiwan exudes tranquility but enchants with its golden accents.

These golden accents can be found in the top rim and on top of the leaf-shaped knob of the lid

This Gaiwan has a capacity of 150ml

The specially finished surface is called "snow glass" by the artist. It creates a mysterious matte look. The Gaiwan is easy to hold with 1 hand and is also referred to as a 'hand grip teapot' in China.

This Gaiwan is made entirely by hand. As a result, the thickness of the glass may vary in different places. The Gaiwans may differ from each other in minor details.

More practical than a regular Gaiwan

This Gaiwan works the same way as a "regular" gaiwan. You steep the tea leaves with hot water with the lid on. Gaiwans are more difficult to use because you have to know how to handle the lid skillfully.

because you have to leave it ajar to pour the tea out while the leaves stay in.

With this Gaiwan, this is a thing of the past, as it features an opening along the rim through which the tea can flow.

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