About Tea Trade Slovakia

The first and the oldest Tea e-shop in Slovakia established in 2002, focused on the sale of premium Teas, Tea accessories and herbs. We provide a relevant information obtained during personal meetings with Tea specialists in China, India, Nepal and Japan. In 2010 in Beijing we graduated at Tea school supported by the Chinese State Office for Tea. We have acquired official state certificate for expert tea knowledge. In 2013 we completed training courses led by leading managers of tea gardens and factories in India and Nepal. Also, we were invited to a tea evaluation committee of Nepalese farmers. During years 2013 to 2015 we gave lectures at a few international Tea festivals in Poland, Czech Republic and in Slovakia. In 2016 we improved our knowledge about growing and processing of Japanese Teas at Tea gardens and Tea factories in Japan. We have visited several producers of tea, ceramics and iron teapots in Japan several times.
 In 2017 our long term tea knowledge and sommelier skills resulted in producing new teas in Japan. These teas are unique in the the world of tea. Nowadays we are the only ones in Slovakia, who are developing and producing own teas. We continue on sharing our knowledge of tea and tea culture and education of tea lovers in our Tea School courses. Our goal is to bring the best teas to our customers to provide unique and lovely tea experience.
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