Czech Republic

About Rishe Tea

Rishe Tea is envoy of highest quality Japanese organic tea. We at Rishe Tea believe in three things: Quality Sustainability Honesty That mean that we import only tea that is grown by organic farmers, pioneers of organic farming in Japan, our friends. Each year we carefully select and sell only tea that meets our high standards. Our teas are packed with protective atmosphere directly at farm in Japan to ensure maximum freshness and quality. We do not repack as many wholesalers do. www.rishe.eu My story began twenty years ago, when I first stepped into an exotic establishment with a "tea room" sign above the entrance. At the time I knew nothing about tea, so the number of unfamiliar names was overwhelming. Whether it was coincidence or fate, after a moment's consideration, I chose Gyokuro tea. It was the most expensive item on the entire menu, but I didn't want to judge the unknown world of Tea by the cheap stuff. Whereupon I was initiated into the tea preparation and tasted my first cup... The experience of quiet joy and clarity was as unexpected as it was overwhelming. At that moment, I entered the journey that never ends - the Journey of Tea. Over the next days and weeks I gradually tasted perhaps all the teas on offer and soon found myself behind the tea counter, working for several years in tea shops in Pardubice, Prague, Brno and Bratislava. Later, I took part in an expedition to South Asia, visiting plantations in China and Taiwan, until I finally remained loyal to Japan. Thanks to the great people I was lucky enough to meet, I learned a lot about tea. As time went on, I began to organize tea tastings for friends, lectures and eventually started selling tea myself. And so I gained more knowledge of tea and the tea ceremony. As a result, my demands on the quality of the tea continued to grow until I had no choice but to find teas to my liking and start importing them. All the teas I bring are grown by honest farmers. They believe that growing tea in harmony with nature, without chemical helpers, is a much better idea than spoiling great tea with chemicals and poisoning themselves and their loved ones with substances that are miles away from tea. I am fulfilling my dream - making people happy by doing what I enjoy. I import the best teas from amazing people for those who want the best. Areek J. Martinec