Yunnan Golden Edge Rose Tea
Yunnan Golden Edge Rose Tea
Yunnan Golden Edge Rose Tea
Yunnan Golden Edge Rose Tea
Yunnan Golden Edge Rose Tea

Yunnan Golden Edge Rose

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The small flowers of Yunnan Golden Edge Rose are a beautiful pink color, protected inside a yellow-green leaf shell: that's why the buds are called "Golden Edge Rose".

This infusion is made solely from real rose buds. It has an all-natural floral taste and aroma, making it a delicious drink that is perfect for those who love rose flavor.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

Yunnan Golden Edge Rose's tiny buds are set in a yellow-green leaf shell with a leathery texture, suitable for protecting the tenderness of the flowers. The bud has bright pink petals tending toward fuchsia, and already on the nose the floral notes of rose are clearly perceptible. The floral scent increases exponentially when the buds are infused in hot water, making the petals softer and more fragile and spreading their rose fragrance beyond the confines of the teapot. In the cup, the liqueur is a very clear, almost transparent yellow with pinkish highlights.

Tasting Notes

At first sip, Yunnan Golden Edge Rose reveals all its sweetness and distinctly floral character. The rose flavor is the absolute protagonist, particularly reminiscent of the damask variety; this is accompanied by a hint of honey from sulla and a very slight hint of green wood and bamboo. The body is light and silky, lacking astringency. On the palate, the persistence is fresh, long and floral: an infusion that seems to celebrate the beauty of a late spring.


Yunnan, China. These roses are naturally irrigated by snow melting from the Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan Province.


The delicate exotic roses that make up this infusion are hand-picked while they are still young buds and then left to dry.


We strongly recommend preparing Yunnan Golden Edge Rose in the traditional Chinese method (Gong Fu Cha) with a gaiwan using boiling water at 95°C. The proportion of flowers to water is 5g per 150 ml with an infusion time of 20 sec.
Keeping the water at the same temperature, you can then continue to exploit the same leaves by adding more water and increasing the infusion time by 10 seconds each time.

In contrast, for a classic preparation according to the Western style, we recommend 7 grams of flowers (about 3 teaspoons) in 500 ml with water at 85°C for an infusion time 3-8 min depending on personal taste.

The infusion can be filtered for ease when tasting, and the infusion times given above here are also meant to be purely indicative, so you can also adjust according to your personal taste.

We recommend when tasting that you try to let the liquor rest in the cup for about a minute before drinking it, so that you can better feel the sweetness of it.

The infusion time is also recommended to be used for the tasting of the liquor.

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