Puer Shu (cooked) tea Bulang Toucha 2009 100gr
Puer Shu (cooked) tea Bulang Toucha 2009 100gr
Puer Shu (cooked) tea Bulang Toucha 2009 100gr
Puer Shu (cooked) tea Bulang Toucha 2009 100gr
Puer Shu (cooked) tea Bulang Toucha 2009 100gr

Puer Shu (cooked) tea Bulang Toucha 2009 100gr

Tea Soul

This High Mountain Bulang Puer Shu Tuocha was produced in 2009 from an extremely valuable puer tea, fermented and matured in Puer, Yunnan. It possesses a strong, assertive taste with moist earthy notes, with an extremely smooth body on the palate.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

Bulang Toucha Puer Shu (Cooked) Tea has leaves that are pressed in a not excessively compact, whole and medium-sized manner. Their color ranges from a very dark brown, almost black, to beige and auburn tones at the many buds. Once infused, the leaves of this puer shu give off intense aromas: from sweeter notes reminiscent of pipe tobacco and fennel, to stronger hints of damp wood, loose earth, and bitter mountain herbs such as gentian, and closing with a peaty note. The liqueur, bright and clear, is amber-orange at the first infusion, to take on darker hues in subsequent infusions, shifting from garnet-red to red-brown in the final infusions.

Tasting Notes

The first infusion of Puer Shu (Cooked) Bulang Toucha tea has delicate and sweet notes of wood and licorice, which linger for a long time on the back of the tongue. With subsequent infusions, the taste becomes richer and notes of damp earth, coffee, grape must, and barrel wood appear, with a very fresh finish and an almost minty sensation in the throat. The last infusions reveal the strong character of this tea: notes of coffee, wood and bark return, along with hints of peaty whiskey and a sweetness traceable to licorice sticks. The body gains depth as it goes, becoming increasingly enveloping and silky on the palate. Astringency completely absent, long persistence on notes of coffee and licorice.

Location of origin

Puer, Yunnan, China


We strongly recommend infusing Puer Shu (Cooked) Bulang Toucha tea in the traditional Chinese method (gong fu cha) to enjoy these leaves at their best. Following this preparation, 5 grams of leaves can be used in a gaiwan of about 150 ml to obtain multiple infusions with different tastes. After a quick rinse of the leaves in 95°C water, an initial infusion of 20 seconds can be made, and after that, keeping the water at the same temperature, the time can be increased each time by 5 seconds from the previous infusion (20 - 25 - 30 ...).

This tea has a longevity of about 8 infusions.

For a classic preparation according to the Western style, we recommend 3 grams of leaves in a 200 ml cup with water at 95°C for an infusion time of 2 1/2 minutes.

The tea can be filtered for ease when tasting and also the infusion times given above here are meant to be purely indicative so you can also adjust according to your personal taste.

We recommend storing in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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