Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50gr
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50gr
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50gr
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50gr
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50gr
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 50gr

Organic Butterfly Tea Whole Flower Food Supplement 50 gr.

Tea Soul

The Butterfly Pea Flower is a flower from the Southeast Asian area. Just soak the flowers in hot water and you will getan infusion of wonderful blue bright color.

In fact, its wonderful color is used as a natural food coloring: it dyes rice, desserts or smoothies in a smart and healthy way.

Try Butterfly Pea Flower also in powder: a striking matcha blue!

Sight and smell

Butterfly Pea Flower consists of beautiful, elongated, whole flower buds: its electric blue petals with indigo hues end in a light green, bell-shaped calyx. Once infused, the flowers give off sweet, vegetal notes reminiscent of fresh fava beans and cream of peas. In the cup, the liqueur is deep blue, transparent and bright: just add a few drops of lemon and you can admire it as it changes color from blue to violet and then to pink.

Tasting notes

The liqueur produced from Butterfly Pea Flower has a sweet taste of mashed fava beans and cream of peas, very refreshing and completely devoid of astringency despite the slightly grassy finish. The body is of medium density and leaves a pleasant vegetal aftertaste on the palate.


Blue Matcha or BButterfly Pea Flower has many benefits that you will love!

Antistress: proanthocyanidin is antioxidant, increases blood flow in capillaries, and has sedative and calming properties;
Hair: bioflavonoids thicken hair structure and prevent the appearance of gray hair
Skin: antioxidants stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, helping to regenerate the skin
Aphrodisiac: Traditionally used in Thailand as an aphrodisiac flower, it is also used to relieve the symptoms of menstrual pain
Aesthetic component: blue matcha has a very light floral-herbal taste. It is an excellent natural coloring agent and will be perfect for your drinks or culinary preparations. When you add lemon to matcha, the color changes from light blue to dark purple!

Our Blue Matcha contains no tea, artificial coloring or other additives.

The Butterfly Pea Flower plant, Clitoria Ternatea

The Anchan, as this blue flower is called in Thailand, has many different names around the world: papiglion pea, "Butterfly pea," Blue Matcha-or in Latin: Clitoria Ternatea. This plant, which belongs to the genus Vicia, is a persistent part of natural medicine in Asia. Positive effects are attributed to its flowers and roots. In Ayurvedic medicine, the infusion obtained from this blue flower is used for memory improvement, against stress and as a mood enhancer.

But Anchan is also simply fun: the deep blue color emerges best by infusing it in boiling water inside a glass vessel. Just a few flowers are enough to color a cup deep blue--kids love it as a refreshing drink with a bright blue color! A squeeze of lemon (or another acid ph beverage) colors the tea purple, while alkaline additives make it glow green.

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