Wild Heart
Wild Heart

Wild Heart

Leaves of fine White Tea meet the delicate taste of bamboo and are colored with tiny cranberries and pomegranate petals. A healthy Tea to drink all day long, for the pleasure of the eyes and palate and body.
type of Tea Taste of Tea
color White
provenience China
The world's leading producer of Tea, China is the thousand-year-old cradle of this beverage and home of the Ten Thousand Teas. Harvesting and processing are still largely manual, and the shapes and colors of the Teas are a continuous wonder for the eyes and the palate.
momentum all day
minutes of brewing 2-3'
infusion temperature 85°C
notes Bamboo leaves are an ancient remedy in Chinese medicine. Rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and protein, these leaves are also an important source of minerals and vitamins.Many properties are attributed to them: powerful detoxifiers, relieving fatigue, calming vomiting, restoring vigor, and quenching thirst. They contain no theine and have a pleasant taste, so they are an excellent drink for children as well. To be discovered!
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