TDS Tester
TDS Tester
TDS Tester
TDS Tester
TDS Tester

TDS Tester

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TDS is the abbreviation for total dissolved solids,that is, The solids dissolved in one liter of water, denoted by the unit of measurement mg/L or ppm. TDS contains non-volatile soluble salts, organic components and insoluble particles that cannot be recognized.

Defined by GB/T5750.4-2006 <Standard Test Method for Drinking Water >

Battery: 1 x 3V (CR1225) (not included).

How to insert the battery

  1. Remove the battery cap
  2. Replace the discharged battery: pay attention to the positive and negative side of the battery.
  3. Close with the cap and resume measurement

How to use

1. Remove the protective cap, press the ON/OFF button and fill 2/3 of a glass with the water you wish to test.

2. Insert the tester into the water and stir gently

3. When the value stabilizes, the measurement is complete

Please note: If the value exceeds 999ppm, multiply the value X10.

4. After each use, shake the tester to dry it and turn it off.


Be sure to follow the instructions on the package for proper operation of the tester.

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