Silver Needle Yunnan White Tea
Silver Needle Yunnan White Tea
Silver Needle Yunnan White Tea
Silver Needle Yunnan White Tea

Silver Needle Yunnan White Tea

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The Silver Needle white tea, is produced from an unusual variety of shrub, Camellia Taliensis. This tea has been withered for a short time (light oxidation) and then dried rapidly with hot air.

It is a meditation tea: in fact, given its delicacy, it is difficult to pair with food. For lovers of white bud tea, this is an elegant tea with a fresh fragrance and sweet taste, reminiscent at times of the woody essence of a forest after spring rain.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

The buds from which Silver Needle white tea is made are large and silvery in color, covered with a soft down (bai hao) that makes them shine like velvet. Once infused, the buds have floral, sweet aromas with an herbaceous, fresh hay-like edge. In the cup, the tea is clear, pale yellow with pinkish highlights. The body is light and silky: even if left to steep for long times, this tea will never produce astringency or bitterness.

Tasting Notes


The first infusion of Silver Needle white tea yields an extremely sweet and delicate liquor, with fresh floral notes and a light hint of hay. With the second infusion, the sweet notes take on a more defined taste reminiscent of honey from sulla. The herbaceous hint is always present but never turns into astringency; on the contrary, it gives freshness and fragrance to the liqueur. With the third infusion, notes of dried flowers and fruity hints of dehydrated apricot emerge.


A first sip of Silver Needle white tea offers an extremely delicate and floral attack on the palate: reminiscent of wildflowers and dried flowers. The tea then takes on the sweet taste of acacia honey and hints of freshness also given by a very light herbaceous note of hay. Fruity notes of melon and apricot are then perceived, fading into a sugary finish: in fact, the persistence is sweet and echoes the honey notes previously perceived.

Location of origin

Tang Te Village, Jinggu County, Puer (Simao) Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China.


The best yields come from the first harvests, which generally occur between late March and early April: for the production of Silver Needle white tea, only the leaf and shoots are harvested. The ideal time is a sunny morning, when the sun is high enough to have dried any residual moisture on the buds.

How to brew Silver Needle white tea

To fully appreciate the exquisite form of Silver Needle white tea the ideal is a clear glass accessory.

Heat the teapot first with boiling water and then pour 200 ml of water (80°C) over about 3 grams of tea. Tea buds will start floating on the top of the teapot. After 5 minutes, some buds will sink to the bottom of the teapot while others will remain on top.

All the buds will then rise vertically performing a magical dance. An enchanting spectacle to be enjoyed before drinking the tea.

Storage: we recommend storing the White Silver Needle Tea in a cool, dry and dark place.

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