Ru white porcelain set 5 pcs
Ru white porcelain set 5 pcs

Ru white porcelain set 5 pcs

Tea Soul

Refined White Ru porcelain set consisting of a teapot, two cups, a tray, and a tea bowl that can also be used as a sugar bowl in the more canonical use.

Ru ceramics

Chinese ceramics are also rich in a long tradition of technical and stylistic innovations.

Ru-covered ceramics were produced for the Imperial Court beginning in 1107, in Baofeng. However, production lasted very little, about twenty years until 1127, the date in which the Northern Song abandoned Kaifeng.

These are very high quality celadons of a very distinctive color, as they are a very pale blue, which Chinese amateurs qualify as "light blue after rain." This blanket is unctuous, and sometimes has fine cracks. This set is most peculiar because the pottery is white.

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