Romance Sky jasmine and rose flower tea
Romance Sky jasmine and rose flower tea
Romance Sky jasmine and rose flower tea
Romance Sky jasmine and rose flower tea

Romance Sky jasmine and rose flower tea

Tea Soul

The Jasmine and Rose Blossom White Tea Romance Sky is a romantic tea to enjoy and to look at especially if a clear glass teapot is used.

Slowly spreading to the bottom of the teapot, this tea opens like a flower, letting the Jasmine and Rose emerge.

The taste is rich, the aroma refreshing, fragrant and sweet.

Not only will you enjoy the delicacy of the tea and the softness of the flowers, but you will also be able to appreciate their beauty.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

Romance Sky jasmine and rose flower white tea is presented with a spherical bud, closed on itself and soft to the touch, wrapped in white tea leaves with forest green, light green and silver-white tones to form a beautiful melange of colors. Once steeped in water, this blooming tea slowly opens inside the teapot, revealing the beauty of the flowers contained within and bringing out on the nose mild herbal notes, hints of beeswax and beautiful floral notes of jasmine, rose and wildflowers. The liqueur in the cup is pale gold in color with rosy highlights.

Tasting Notes


White Jasmine Flower and Rose Romance Sky is a delicate tea, with fresh and herbaceous initial notes enriched by the floral component, the absolute protagonist: the hints of jasmine and rose blend pleasantly, supported by the sweetness of the base white tea. There are notes of acacia honey and beeswax that are noticeable at the close, while the persistence is undoubtedly sweet and floral. The body of this tea is light and silky, with just a very slight astringency on the finish that is offset, however, by the sweetness and floral notes.

Location of origin

Fujian Province, China.


To produce the white jasmine and rose flower Romance Sky tea, the high-end white tea buds from Da Bai Hao trees are hand-tied with jasmine and rose flowers.

Ingredients: tea, Jasmine flowers 2.5%, Rose flowers 2.5%.

All the benefits of white tea combined with the benefits of flower tea.

The Jasmine can harmonize the stomach, regulate the flow of vital energy, nourish the liver, improve visual acuity, help produce saliva and quench thirst.

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