Puer White Bud Ya Bao Tea
Puer White Bud Ya Bao Tea
Puer White Bud Ya Bao Tea

Puer White Bud Ya Bao Tea

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The Puer White bud Ya Bao tea is a particular type of tea that is not easily ascribed to precise type among the six known ones. In fact, the leaves of which this product is composed come from some assamica species camellias found in Yunnan but, once harvested, are processed according to the same process used to produce white tea. We could therefore call this product a hybridization between the source plants of a puer and the processing used to obtain a white tea. In addition to this peculiarity, however, Ya Bao possesses another peculiarity that can be noticed immediately when observing the product. The leaves of which it is made, in fact, are harvested practically at the end of winter (definitely before the canonical first harvest) just as the buds on the branches of the plant are opening before they can grow luxuriantly in the spring weather. This choice leads to obtaining a very concentrated product where the leaves are still very thick and rich in plant components that have not yet been processed thanks to the energy provided by the sun's rays.

During the tasting of the infusion of these leaves one will be able to feel well the difference between this tea and a white tea since here there will be a very different plant flavor. On the palate one will be able to feel, in fact, a fairly fresh note of eucalyptus followed then by slight sweetness that may refer some fruits such as lychee to a not yet fully ripe state. Sip after sip you will be able to feel the sweetness growing along with a refreshing and somewhat dry sensation that resembles that of eating some fresh snow. Finally, we invite you to also appreciate the body of this infusion, which, because of the very thick and rich leaves, will perhaps require a few more seconds of infusion to express itself at its best but will give in return a very rounded and pleasant drink to drink both in winter at high temperatures and in summer at low temperatures.

Location of origin

Yunnan - China


The leaves once harvested are left to wither in the sun for a while before moving on to the next stage where indoors the leaves will dry naturally or be aided with hot air jets. The processing of this tea is really very simple because it wants to dry the leaf very slowly after harvest allowing a really low level of oxidation that does not alter the herbal flavors too much but gives it more structure and body. Once dried, the leaves are picked and are ready to be consumed.


We highly recommend infusing this tea in the traditional Chinese method (gong fu cha) to best enjoy these leaves. Following this preparation, 4.5 grams of leaves (about 3 teaspoons) can be used in a gaiwan of about 100 ml to obtain multiple infusions with different tastes. After a quick rinse of the leaves in water at 85°C, one can proceed with an initial infusion of 20 seconds, and after that, keeping the water at the same temperature, one can proceed by increasing the time each time by 10 seconds from the previous infusion (20 - 30 - 40 ...)

This tea has a longevity of about 7 infusions.

For a classic preparation according to the Western style, we recommend 3 grams of leaves (about 2 teaspoons) in a 150 ml cup with water at 85°C for an infusion time of one and a half minutes.

The tea can be filtered for ease when tasting and also the infusion times given above here are meant to be purely indicative so you can also adjust according to your personal taste.

It is recommended to be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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