Puer shu in loose leaf 2010
Puer shu in loose leaf 2010

Puer shu in loose leaf 2010

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Puer shu in loose leaf 2010

Crafted and aged in Yunnan, it infuses into a delicious tea, which has a smooth, earthy, unique flavor and dark brown color.

This tea has a wide range of benefits and is renowned for general well-being.

It makes a deep red brew with a fragrant sweet and woody aroma, and a delicate earthy depth with complex floral notes and a lingering hint of honeysuckle on the finish.

Location of origin

Simao, Puer, Yunnan, China.


Puer shu loose leaf tea 2010 Hand-harvested in July 2010 from ancient tea trees, Puer is a microbiologically fermented tea obtained through the action of microorganisms present on the leaves at the time of harvest.

It is therefore truly a fermented tea by natural process and without complete oxidation, thanks to the almost immediate breakdown of enzymes by drying the leaves in the wok.

The precision, care and love with which all steps in the preparation of Puer tea are carefully completed give this brew its distinctive aroma and flavor, quite different from so-called Western black teas.

Ingredients: aged tea.

Discover all the benefits of puer tea.

How to prepare 2010 Puer Shu Leaf Tea

Usually 2010 Puer shu Leaf Tea is served in Gong Fu style, with Yixing or gaiwan accessories.

The optimum infusion temperature is about 95° C for lower quality Puer and 85-89° C for good, mature, raw Puer.

The tea is steeped for 12 to 30 seconds in the first infusions, increasing from 2 to 10 minutes in the last infusions. The prolonged steeping sometimes used in the West can produce dark, bitter and unpleasant infusions.

When the traditional Gong Fu method is used, the quality of aged Puer can produce many more infusions, with different shades of flavor.

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