Lin's Ceramic Studio 170ml Clay Teapot
Lin's Ceramic Studio 170ml Clay Teapot

Crete Teapot Purion Daman Fu 170ml

Tea Soul

The 170 ml Purion Daman Fu clay teapot from Lin's Ceramic Studio, created by artisans in Taiwan using natural rock materials and created mineralized and porous Purion clay, baked six times.

★Practical Considerations ★
To facilitate tea brewing, the Purion Daman Fu clay teapot is specially designed to have a wide and thin opening, which allows the tea leaves to be infused in the best possible way.
However, to create this teapot takes a lot of processing it is also very difficult to bake in the kiln, because the high temperature during baking will cause the green body to be pulled and then bake repeatedly at a high temperature, the teapot will warp easily and the baking speed will be reduced.
Using Taiwan's local "Old Rock Mud" material, inheriting the 38-year ceramic workshop's ceramic craftsmanship,
It is prepared by combining natural rock and ore with clay, and the green body presents the texture of primitive simplicity and natural raw ore.
1. The water in the teapot becomes softer
2. The shape of the teapot is round and the tea leaves can be fully expanded inside, so the tea aroma can be distributed evenly
3. The spout is easy to clean
How to open the teapot:
1. Clean the teapot with clean water inside and out
2. Soak the teapot with lukewarm water (about 50 degrees)
3. After about 10 minutes, heat the water (about 100 degrees) and take out the teapot after showering to complete the operation of opening the pot.

Maintenance of Purion Clay

Use a teapot for only one type of tea (such as oolong, red or puer). In fact, the purion clay absorbs the smell of tea, and if you use different types of tea, it may absorb too many flavors.

1. Before using the appliance for the first time, you can clean it completely with boiling water.
2. Cleaning the utensils is based on the principle of cleaning one by one to avoid collision between them. It is best to clean the lid and teapot body separately.
3. The material of rock mud conducts heat slowly and the tea infusion is stable in the tea service; the rich tea fragrance can be produced in the coating of the old rock mud and the flow through the pores.
4. The raw material is composed of natural rock and clay, which have good water absorption, and the color will be rounder and brighter after use. This is a normal phenomenon. Let it dry naturally or wipe it dry with a dry towel.
Dimensions: 109 X 88 X 71 mm
Capacity: 170 cc
Weight: 130 g

The Purion is most suitable for highly fermented and fully fermented tea infusions, such as lIron Goddess, Dianhong, heavily cooked Oolongs, aged tea and Pu'er. This teapot is the perfect choice for collectors of limited edition accessories. Each piece is unique and the quantity is limited.

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