Jasmine Loose Leaf Time Out Tea
Jasmine Loose Leaf Time Out Tea

Jasmine Loose Leaf Time Out Tea

Westcountry Tea Co

The most famous scented Chinese green tea, drunk throughout the day and is traditionally offered as a welcoming drink.

Within a few hours of the tea leaves being plucked, they are steamed to keep their colour and are then mixed with fresh Jasmine blossom and both left to dry while the flowers infuse the tea leaves with their delicate aroma.

Jasmine tea produces a golden yellow infusion with floral notes and a fresh grassy green tea finish.

For a perfect cup of Jasmine tea always use freshly drawn water just off the boil 80°C.

100% plastic free Packaging! Inner clear bag 100% compostable and biodegradable. Outer box 100% recyclable cardboard printed with vegetable ink.

Weight: 70g

Ingredients: Chinese green tea leaf & Jasmine flowers

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