Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea

Tea Soul

Jasmine flowers in China represent one of the first natural elements that were used to flavor tea. In fact, it has long been noted that the combination of tea and jasmine has several advantages both in terms of production and flavors.

For the production of Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea in fact, two intrinsic characteristics of these products are combined, namely the aromatic intensity of jasmine and the strong tendency of tea to absorb the surrounding aromas. Thanks to these properties, it is possible to blend the flavors of both elements by cyclically exposing the tea leaves to jasmine flowers and obtaining more or less intense results depending on the exposure cycles of the latter. Often this practice takes a few days anyway: this is why some producers prefer to skip using the concentrated jasmine aroma directly, which in many cases, however, goes to cover the flavor of the tea. Certainly this is not the case: these small green tea spheres have in fact been flavored naturally by contact with the flowers, and this is also noticeable in the flavor of the infusion.

Tasting the product, one will be able to immediately feel the floral presence of jasmine, which will gradually be supported and complemented by a very fresh vegetal flavor similar to that of an early morning meadow sprinkled with dew. The floral essence of the jasmine will persist on the palate for a long time and will be perceived even in the leaves that have not yet been infused, thanks to their rolled form that is useful for preserving the freshness of the tea.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea leaves are green and silvery, a factor that confirms the presence of numerous buds. The shape, as the name of the tea suggests, is clustered to form small pearls. The aroma of jasmine, which is already very noticeable by sniffing the leaves dry, explodes once they are infused, followed by notes of white flowers, orange blossom and cotton candy. In the cup, the liqueur is a delicate yellow, very clear: there is no astringency and the body feels light and silky.

Tasting Notes


The first infusion of Jasmine Dragon Pearl green tea is characterized by floral notes that open into an intensely fragrant bouquet: we find jasmine, but also magnolia and lily of the valley, as well as orange blossom and a sweet hint of orange honey. With the second infusion the leaves slowly open up and notes of beeswax emerge in addition to the floral scents that definitely remain the dominant ones. With the third and subsequent infusions, there is a decrease in the intensity of the floral notes and a very slight herbaceous freshness and citrus acidity are perceived, which contribute to the clean sensation on the palate.


The first notes of Jasmine Dragon Pearl green tea have an intense floral fragrance: jasmine and more generally white flowers (wisteria, lily of the valley) pleasantly invade the taste receptors and envelop the palate. Secondly, there is a very faint vegetal scent reminiscent of fresh grass, and immediately afterwards the floral notes return, which are now of orange blossom, accompanied by the sweetness of honey. The persistence is magnificent, very long and floral.

Location of Origin

Fuding, Fujian - China


Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea undergoes a very classic process, which involves, after an initial withering in the open air, cooking the leaves in large woks heated to temperatures around 180°C to block enzymatic activity and prevent their oxidation. After these steps, the leaves are cyclically exposed to the jasmine flowers so that they absorb the aroma by contact and finally rolled onto themselves to retain all the freshness and aromas.


We strongly recommend infusing the Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea in the traditional Chinese method (gong fu cha) to best enjoy these leaves. Following this preparation, 5 grams of leaves (about 3 teaspoons) can be used in a gaiwan of about 150 ml to make several infusions with different tastes. After a quick rinse of the leaves in water at 80°C, one can proceed with an initial infusion of 20 seconds and, after that, keeping the water at the same temperature, proceed with multiple infusions increasing the time each time by 10 seconds (20 - 30 - 40 ...).

This tea has a longevity of about 6 infusions.

For a classic preparation according to the Western style, we recommend 3 grams of leaves (about 1 1/2 teaspoons) in a 200 ml cup with water at 80°C for an infusion time of 2-3 minutes.

The green Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea can be filtered for ease when tasting and also the infusion times given here above are meant to be purely indicative so you can also adjust according to your personal taste.

We recommend storing in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

The tea is also recommended to be brewed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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