Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong Tea
Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong Tea
Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong Tea
Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong Tea

Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong Tea

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The Oolong Imperial Nai Xiang Oolong Tea, also called Milky Oolong because of its distinctive milk and caramel aroma, is special and unique, as its sweet aroma is given by the minerals in the earth where it originally grows, along with the temperature difference between day and night in the high mountains. This version is lightly flavored, to accentuate the tea's creamy notes even more.

The large firmly rolled leaves have an enticing, sweet fragrance of cream and caramel. The flavor is smooth, with milky and floral notes. Perfect before and after practicing yoga, sports, and meditation.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

The leaves of Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong tea have the classic rolled shape typical of low-oxidation oolongs, in this case looser and irregular and rather small in size. Colors range from dark green to moss green, with numerous shades between ochre and light brown at the leaf veins. Once infused, they open rather quickly, releasing intense aromas: the vegetal hints are in fact barely perceptible, while the milky and buttery notes of extreme sweetness are clearly discernible, followed by a delicate floral note that, especially in gaiwan, increases infusion after infusion. The liquor in the cup is golden, charged and very bright.

Tasting Notes


The first infusion of Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong tea is very sweet and creamy, with notes of condensed milk, butter, butter cookies and white sugar. On the finish there is a light floral note that gives freshness. With the second infusion these floral notes emerge more, giving off hints of white flowers such as magnolia and wisteria. There is then a faint citric and barely astringent note on the sides of the tongue, immediately replaced by the sweet and intense notes of cream and creme caramel. With the third and subsequent infusions, the floral notes remain, while the citric hint almost completely disappears. A very faint note of freshly cut grass appears, followed then by the enveloping but more measured notes of milk and custard.


At first sip, Imperial Nai Xiang Milky Oolong tea brings out its floral nature with notes of white flowers such as magnolia, jasmine and lily of the valley, followed by notes of tropical flowers such as monoi. This is followed by the sweet and milky hints that characterize this cultivar, such as butter, condensed milk and milk and honey. A caramelized almond note also emerges on the finish and a very faint note of lemon zest, fresh and pleasant. The body is decidedly dense and oily, with almost no astringency, while the persistence is long, milky and floral, overall quite fresh and very smooth on the palate.

Location of origin

High mountains in Fujian Province, China.


The distinct milky hint of Nai Xiang Milky Oolong is not always natural, but is sometimes added by flavoring.

The most common method of flavoring the leaves to accentuate their characteristic buttery flavor is to infuse or steam them with milk before roasting. However, this quality of tea is variably endemic, and such an addition to the flavor can be produced by extra oxidation.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, flavorings.

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Preparing Milky Oolong Tea

We recommend using ceramic or porcelain accessories. Rinse the cup and teapot with hot water.

For a traditional Chinese style preparation (gong fu cha) fill the gaiwan or small teapot 1/4 to 1/3 full of tea leaves, or with 5 g of tea leaves for every 150 ml of water if you are not using a porous clay teapot. Make a short rinse of the leaves with 85°C water, then let the leaves steep for 40 seconds. Gradually increase the duration of subsequent infusions by 10 seconds (40 - 50 - 60 seconds...).

For Western-style preparation, we recommend using 3 g of tea leaves per 200 ml of water and let the leaves steep with 85° water for 3 minutes. Gradually increase the duration by 30 seconds if you want to make more infusions.

Storage: we recommend storing Nai Xiang Milky Oolong tea in a cool, dry and dark place.

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