Hope Sun marigold flower blooming tea
Hope Sun marigold flower blooming tea
Hope Sun marigold flower blooming tea
Hope Sun marigold flower blooming tea

Hope Sun marigold flower blooming tea

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The Hope Sun calendula flower white tea is a flower tea handcrafted in Fujian Province. The golden marigold flower, which grows in southern China, flushes out toxins, nourishes the liver, improves eyesight, aids skin regeneration, and promotes better digestion.

Location of origin

Fujian Province, China.

Sight and Smell

This blooming tea takes the form of a small sphere made up of white tea leaves: wrapped inside them is a golden marigold flower, of which only the top is visible. The tea leaves, tied together at the base with a thin white thread, show various shades of green (from light green to forest green) and a few shades of silver. The scent of the flower and leaves after infusion is herbal and slightly balsamic, with a pleasant floral note. As it unfolds in water, the leaves reveal the flower hidden within, which blooms like a small golden sun in all its beauty. The liqueur comes in a pale gold cup with rosy highlights.

Tasting Notes

The taste of Hope Sun marigold flower white tea is gentle and smooth, characterized by notes reminiscent of wild flowers and the delicate sweetness of acacia honey. There is also a hint of green wood and hay, with a very slight astringency on the finish. Instead, the persistence reveals a sweet note and a fruity hint of unripe pear. The body is light and silky, with no bitterness.

Production of Hope Sun Marigold Flower White Tea

The flower tea tradition dates back to the Tang Dynasty. Da Bai Hao white tea leaves are hand-tied with marigold flowers. They are true handmade compositions that once immersed in water give a beautiful sight: the infused tea in fact blossoms as a flower, spreading color and aroma.

Ingredients: tea, marigold flowers 3%.

Discover all the benefits of white tea and flower tea.

Preparing Hope Sun Marigold Flower White Tea Infusion

We recommend using a clear glass teapot for this tea. Rinse the teapot with hot water. Use only one piece. Allow the blooming tea to steep in hot water at 80° C from 3 to 6 minutes, watching the tea as it opens and blooms fully.

Storage: it is recommended to be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.


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