Celadon Gift Set
Celadon Gift Set
Celadon Gift Set

Celadon Gift Set

Tea Soul

Celadon Gift Set

Celadon is a type of pottery, peculiar to China (青瓷) and the Far East, that uses a green or translucent blue-gray glaze (i.e., a transparent glassy coating).

Celadon was invented in the Yue region of the Chang Jiang Basin, and others from later times.

Celadons owe their name, first used in France, to the characteristic pale green color, which in French is precisely referred to as céladon. The word in turn derives from Céladon, a character in a 1607 "preciosist" novel, L'Astrea, whose shepherd's costume was adorned with light green ribbons.

The novel L'Astrea d'Honoré d'Urfé was written at a time when qingci products from Longquan Chinese workshops were gaining popularity in France: the color of Chinese porcelain was then compared to Céladon's robes and this association has remained, later taken up in other Western languages.


The set contains:

  • Toad tea-stand with ceramic coin

  • Celadon porcelain set light blue 9 pcs

  • Traditional Chaban bamboo tray


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