Bailin Gong Fu Cha
Bailin Gong Fu Cha

Bailin Gong Fu Cha

白琳工夫 - Bailin Gongfu, "White Gem Kungfu."  Bailin Gongfu is a Black Tea unlike any other Black Tea you have ever tasted. It is cultivated in Mount Taimu, also known as the "abode of the immortals by the sea," and is one of the three famous Gongfu Teas in Fujian Province. The term "Gongfu" means that it is harvested exclusively by hand in an area where the gardens, being set at a high altitude and shrouded in cold fog, produce some of the best Teas in the world. The leaves of this Tea are woven into thin, narrow strips without compromising their integrity. In the cup it is amber-like in color while the flavor recalls the notes of caramel, sweet potatoes and royal icing without being cloying. Its uniqueness lies in being able to combine sweetness, unusual for tannic Black Teas, with being refreshing and delicate.
type of tea Pure Black Tea
color Black
provenience China
momentum morning
infusion minutes 2'
infusion temperature 95°C
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