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The Kuker Brand was established in 2016. It started as a apparel company, however, we eventually decided to move towards a completely new healthier and idealistic direction. Our mission statement is simple - We want to give you a way-out ticket from serious health issues. In a world of artificial foods, artificial products, artificial life we are seeking to give you the opposite - real food, real products, real healthy life! The way we want to achieve this is by offering you pure herbal and organic products through which you will be able to purify your body from the every day toxins you ingest and hence prevent them from making a long-term damage to you. Our products come from the heart of the Balkans - Bulgaria. The highly mountain range saturated regions guarantees pure and premium quality herbs. Geographically, Bulgaria has one of the most favorable environments for developing herbal diversity. It is a little known fact that Bulgaria is Top 1 in herbal diversity on Europe. More than 3000+ herbs grow on its territory, out of which 800+ contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than fruits and vegetables combined! As we are based in Bulgaria, we have access to the purest most natural herbs you can find the world! The knowledge of the herbalists has been known for thousands of years and it has been passed from generation to generation. People living in the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria still reach 100+ years of age due to the herbal diet they all live by. We are here to share that knowledge with you and help you get to know your own body and how to take care of it. Every product we offer contains top quality ingredients and it manufactured by the best manufacturers in Bulgaria. Our partners are the top organic specialists and herbalists in Europe, certified by the Austria Bio Garantie.
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