Huang Da Cha Big Leaf Yellow Tea
Huang Da Cha Big Leaf Yellow Tea
Huang Da Cha Big Leaf Yellow Tea

Huang Da Cha Big Leaf Yellow Tea

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The Yellow Huang Da Cha Big Leaf Tea from Guangdong has ancient origins and is traditionally drunk by local people. Its leaves are dark in color, much darker than the leaves of a classic yellow tea, and the liquor has an intense, fruity taste, with notes of sweet bean and chestnut.

This tea falls into the category of bitten teas, or "insect-bitten" teas: the attack on the leaves by small insects facilitates the oxidation process, which gives the tea its characteristic sweet note.

This tea was harvested in Heyuan, Guangdong Province and more specifically in Zijin County.

Tasting - View

The Huang Da Cha Big Leaf yellow tea leaves are beautiful to the eye, long and tapered and dark brown in color with the presence of golden buds. The infusion has an intense sweet scent with herbal notes and hints of nuts. The liquor is a very pale yellow and heralds the delicacy of this tea.

Infusion Notes

The first infusion of Huang Da Cha Big Leaf yellow tea brings with it sweet vegetable notes (peas and broad beans), followed by hints of peanuts and almonds and boiled chestnut. The latter notes emerge more decisively with the second infusion and with the third, as the vegetal tones fade. The finish is extremely sweet and mellow: the chestnut returns with a pleasant persistence.
To the WEST
At a first sip of Huang Da Cha Big Leaf yellow tea, sweet but definite notes of peanuts and praline almonds are perceived, which then give way to more fruity and delicate hints of boiled chestnut and pear. The vegetable here is barely hinted at and remains sweet and pleasant; floral notes are also perceived in the distance, which tend to fade quickly. Even at the close, fruity sweetness prevails: the aftertaste is almost caramelized and long lasting.
This is a very sweet tea, devoid of astringency and bitterness, whose silky body pleasantly envelops the palate and makes one long for a second cup.

Location of origin

Zijin, Guangdong, China


We strongly recommend infusing Huang Da Cha Big Leaf yellow tea in the traditional Chinese method (Gong Fu Cha) with a gaiwan with a capacity of about 150 ml. Following this preparation, multiple infusions can be made with 5 grams of leaves that are useful to best capture all the flavor nuances of the tea.

Warm the water to a temperature of 80°C and proceed to an initial infusion of 25 seconds. Keeping the water at the same temperature, you can then continue to make use of the same leaves by adding more water and increasing the infusion time by 5 seconds each time (25 - 30 - 35...).

For a more classic preparation according to the Western style we recommend 3 grams of leaves (about 2 teaspoons) in a 200 ml cup with water at 80°C for an infusion time of 2-3 minutes.

For a better tasting experience we suggest that you strain the infusion as soon as the infusion time is over. Our suggested infusion timings, however, can also be slightly modified to your liking to achieve a more or less intense taste.

We recommend storing in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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