The famous rolled green tea from China. Refreshing and also very tasty with mint.

Gunpowder is one of the two teas most exported by China. The other is Chunmee. The tea has a separate processing process, the leaf is rolled into "gunpowder. The tea leaf is picked, wilted, baked, rolled and lastly baked and dried.

This tea was first made as a gift to the Qing Dynasty emperor, Kang-Xi.

The smell is nice, the taste refreshing and the tea is also very popular to be used along with mint. I lived when I was in my early 20s in a dorm where at one time an asylum seeker from Mauritania came to live. He sometimes made tea for us then, a gunpowder with mint and lol sugar. The small teapot stayed on the stove for a long time and once poured into a small glass you genuinely had a "shot."

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