Date and Quinoa Herbal Tea 50 gr.
Date and Quinoa Herbal Tea 50 gr.
Date and Quinoa Herbal Tea 50 gr.
Date and Quinoa Herbal Tea 50 gr.

Date and Quinoa Herbal Tea 50 gr.

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Date and Quinoa Herbal Tea

This spicy blend of delicious dates, fragrant fennel, intense turmeric and cinnamon creates a spicy symphony that needs no additional flavors to achieve perfection. All the ingredients harmonize to create a delicious break that you can enjoy at any time of your day.

The natural sweetness of dates makes them a perfect ingredient for sweet herbal teas and, at the same time, rich in carbohydrates: dates are a fruit that is highly assimilable by the body and have a fair percentage of fiber, which partly mitigates the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar. In addition, it contains numerous health-promoting substances and a high percentage of minerals, which are always easily assimilated; in particular potassium, which is strategic for the health of the cardiovascular system.

Quinoa, a rising star of every vegan and vegetarian diet, aids in regular peristalsis and intestinal health: for this reason, it is useful in disorders such as dysentery or constipation.Quinoa's low glycemic index helps lower blood glucose levels, protecting us with each cup from the onset of diabetes.

A hot cup of date-quinoa herbal tea certainly boosts good mood: magnesium and lysine allow it to modulate the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for good mood.

Infusion Method

Let 5g of herbal tea steep in 500ml of hot water at 100°C for 5-10 minutes. The infusion time may vary according to personal taste depending on whether a milder or stronger infusion is desired.


Date pieces (dates, rice flour) (34%), quinoa flakes (20%), fennel, cinnamon pieces, nettle leaves, turmeric slices, and rose petals.


We recommend storing in a cool, dry and dark place.

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