Zi sha Yixing black clay teapot 200ml
Zi sha Yixing black clay teapot 200ml
Zi sha Yixing black clay teapot 200ml
Zi sha Yixing black clay teapot 200ml
Zi sha Yixing black clay teapot 200ml

Zi sha Yixing clay teapot 200ml

Tea Soul

Unlike normal clay, which is soft, moist in texture, zi sha is more like a rocky hard rock and after various manipulations becomes suitable for the production of dummies. That is why it cannot be used on the potter's wheel--only manual or final production (assembling and gluing parts together) and casting.

Clay is found in layers: those higher up are soft, from which they produce everyday and inexpensive dishes, including teapots. The deeper, the more petrified the clay, the higher the quality of the resulting dishes and, consequently, the price.

There are different proportions for mixing these clays together, different additives (metal oxides, sand, calcined fragments, mica and pyrite), the technology uses different firing temperatures and the atmosphere in the kiln-all of which create a wide range of colors (from yellow to black) and textures, making the finished teapots so different. They can have a smooth surface and a granular one, up to simulating citrus peel, with tubercles and dents-it all depends on the master and his idea

Why Zi Sha Yixing clay?

Yixing clay contains kaolin, which allows teapots to be burned at very high temperatures, as well as iron, silicon, and small silicate particles, which give the finished teapots brilliance and porosity, thanks to which the teapots pass oxygen inside and allow the tea to "breathe."

Because of the high firing temperature, the teapots with all their apparent fragility are very durable. The porous structure allows the teapot to heat up quickly and heat up for a long time, preventing temperature differences during tea consumption, which very negatively affect the taste. The handle of the kettle never heats up.

Because of the porous structure, essential oils are absorbed by the walls of the teapot and, over time, such a teapot improves the taste of tea, makes it softer, deeper, adding its unique "taste" from the accumulated essential oils.

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