Puer Shu (cooked) Bulang Early Spring Tea 250gr
Puer Shu (cooked) Bulang Early Spring Tea 250gr
Puer Shu (cooked) Bulang Early Spring Tea 250gr
Puer Shu (cooked) Bulang Early Spring Tea 250gr

Puer Shu (cooked) Bulang Early Spring Tea 250gr

Tea Soul

The pu shu Bulang Early Spring puer tea was produced by carefully selecting tender early spring leaves. The pressed leaves come from the crop located in the mountainous area around the city of Menghai in southern Yunnan. It has an intense flavor reminiscent of the autumn forest, with hints of wet earth and wood, an incredible sweetness and a soft, enveloping body.

Tasting - Sight and Smell

Puer shu Bulang Early Spring pressed tea leaves are very dark brown in color, with some lighter hazelnut-colored tips. Once infused, they give off intense hints of leather and undergrowth and slight notes of camphor.Already on the nose, the sweetness of this tea can be perceived. The liquor in the cup is a deep orange-red, bright and clear.

Tasting Notes


The puer Shu Bulang Early Spring tea infusion reveals all its sweetness, with almost sugary hints. There are very light notes of damp earth and gentle hints of tobacco. With the second infusion, the sweet notes remain but stronger hints of wet wood and underbrush emerge, as well as pleasant notes of leather. The third infusion has vaguely balsamic notes reminiscent of eucalyptus and camphor. Hints of tobacco return and linger on the palate for a long time.


The first sip of puer Shu Bulang Early Spring tea is sweet, almost vanilla-like. This is followed by notes of underbrush, damp earth, and wood, with a good minerality that perfectly complements the basic sweetness. The camphor notes are very light if present and hints of leather also emerge on the finish, enriching the aromaticity of the tea without being too intense. The long sweet persistence that accompanies the evolution of the tea in the mouth from the first sip is excellent. The palate is smooth and enveloping, while the taste is sweet without any bitterness or astringency.

Location of origin

Menghai, Yunnan, China


We strongly recommend infusing tis puer Shu Bulang Early Spring in the traditional Chinese method (gong fu cha) to enjoy these leaves at their best. Following this preparation, 5 grams of leaves can be used in a gaiwan of about 150 ml to make several infusions with different tastes. After a quick rinse of the leaves in water at 95°C, a first infusion of 20 seconds can be made, and after that, keeping the water at the same temperature, the time can be increased each time by 5 seconds from the previous infusion (20 - 25 - 30 ...).

This tea has a longevity of about 8 infusions.

For a classic preparation according to the Western style we recommend 3 grams of leaves in a 200 ml cup with water at 95°C for an infusion time of 3 minutes.

The tea can be filtered for ease when tasting and also the infusion times given above here are meant to be purely indicative so you can also adjust according to your personal taste.

We recommend storing the tis puer Shu Bulang Early Spring in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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