Long Jing high grade 2021
Long Jing high grade 2021

Long Jing high grade 2022

Thee van Sander

A beautiful Long Jing with a nice nutty aroma and taste. Bright and fresh taste. From Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the original area near West Lake. The tea was hand-picked in early April and the cultivar used is the Long Jing #43.

Now with a 20% discount due to the 2022 harvest but kept vacuumed and frozen after harvest which preserves freshness. This year unfortunately we did not manage to get a new harvest from the same supplier. I did receive a 2023 sample from another supplier but this 2022 was actually even better 🙂

Long Jing is also known as Dragonwell. The relative high density of water from a lake causes lower-density rainwater to stay on top of it. This rainwater sometimes makes a movement similar to a dragon, therefore "Dragonwell."


Long Jing is harvested once a year, in the spring so between March 20 and April 20. The earlier the harvest the better the quality, as it gets warmer the leaves also get bigger. The leaves are finer at the beginning of the harvest period which improves the quality. A bud is harvested and the first one or two leaves. These leaves are no larger than the bud. Very careful picking is done so as not to damage the leaf and bud. A picker picks about 2 kg of fresh leaves per day, eventually becoming 500 gr of dried tea. The very best harvest of Long Jing belongs to the leaders of China.


Long Jing is dried after dyeing by roasting it in the wok. This is done by hand so the maker can feel the temperature of the wok. It takes a tea maker about 3 years to master 10 different hand movements for in the wok. A maker can process about a kilo a day of the highest quality Long Jing.

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