724 Pu Er Maocha Bio
724 Pu Er Maocha Bio
724 Pu Er Maocha Bio
724 Pu Er Maocha Bio
724 Pu Er Maocha Bio

724 Pu Er Maocha Bio

Tea in Motion

This particular unprocessed green tea is suitable for any Pu Er drinker!

Unprocessed tea for Pu Er is called Maocha and is kept for years to be selected for your perfect Pu Er cake. Several years of Maocha are taken together to get the finest flavor in the Pu Er cake

It is a green tea of the Da Ye variety that grows in the southern province of China. A large leaf tea through which, after processing, Pu Er is created!

If this tea is steam processed and pressed into a 357gram cake, it is called a Raw (Sheng, Sun) Pu Er

When it is moistened and placed in a heap under a cloth and fermented by heat, it becomes a cooked (Su) Pu Er

It is mild in flavor with little astringent but the distinct raw Pu Er characteristics. This tea can be infused several times in a Gaiwan / Yixing teapot. Each infusion will taste different.

  • Origin: South China
  • Region: Yunnan
  • Infusion: Yellow/Gold
  • Flavor: woody, grassy, light honey
  • Caffeinated: Yes
  • Organic: Yes

Recipe Western method: 6 grams | 0.5 liters of soft water | 100℃ | 1-2 minutes

Gong Fu Cha / Gaiwan: 5 grams | 100-120 ml of soft water | 30 sec, 10 sec, 10 sec....

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